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As a seventh grader, my parents informed me that I would be in the Bible­-quiz class at Faith Christian School in Clinton Township, MI. I proceeded with mixed emotions. I loved competition but was a little unsure about the “write 10 or say 20” verse memory policy in the class. Nonetheless, my parents had made their decision, and so I found myself in a position in which I would need to learn to memorize, and memorize quickly! It was not long before I realized that Bible Quiz was really fun and that the fun increased in direct proportion to the amount of time that you studied and the amount of verses that you had memorized.

That first year, I quizzed on our school’s Jr. High B team. My coach, Mrs. Lee (an incredible lady!), always pushed me harder and encouraged me that I could be a good quizzer if I would just take it to the next level, learn references, and memorize more chapters. I took her up on the challenge. I went on to quiz in high school for Coach Matt Fenton. My freshman and sophomore years, our team won several tournaments throughout the season: State, Marquette Manor, and our own tournament in Michigan. We made the trip to SCQANIT and AACS those years and finished in the top-­3 in both tournaments for two consecutive years (I distinctly remember getting absolutely annihilated by Woodside in the finals at Nationals my sophomore year)! Second, was the best any other team could have hoped for!

At that point in my life, Bible Quiz was life! At the start of my junior year, our state pulled out of the AACS. Naturally, that decision meant no more Nationals for quizzing, and left our team devastated and without much motivation for study or practice. Quite honestly, this situation revealed that I had not participated in quiz with the best motives. I loved competition. I loved winning. I loved going on trips. I loved spending time with our team and coach. Sadly, loving to quiz on the Word of God did not flow from a love for the God of the Word. When God took Nationals from our team, God was actually lovingly removing an idol from my life. I’m thankful for the wisdom and grace of God!

Even though my motives for quiz were fairly self-­centered, I rejoice that God providentially placed me in quizzing and, more importantly, that His Word was poured into my heart and simultaneously burned into my memory. During my senior year of high school, God got a hold of my heart through the godly friendship of a great friend. I was amazed at how all the memorized Scripture starting coming to life to me and how God began to transform my desires from the inside out. After graduation, I went off to Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown, WI. I finished my B.S. in 2007, my M.A. in 2008, and joined the staff as the Director of Student Activities and Ministries.

During that time, the Lord directed my wife Emiley and me to plant Lakewood Baptist Church in Delafield, WI (a Milwaukee suburban community). As a scared 22 year old, when we first started Bible studies in our community, I taught the book of Philippians, a book that I had memorized well in Bible Quiz. We have served here for just over 2 years and have seen God work through His Word in some amazing ways. As a young pastor, I thank God that the Word of God became part of me as a high-­schooler. I cannot begin to count the number of times that the Holy Spirit has brought the Word of God to my mind in the midst of a sermon, a counseling session, or an opportunity to speak the gospel. Jesus prayed in John 17:17, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.” I’m thankful for the Word’s power to sanctify!

David Marriott
Faith MI
Class of 2003
The Bible Quiz through the Eyes Series

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  1. This is a very good blog idea. I want to get a list of all the people who will do it. Is there a place to do this?

  2. They act just like the apostles who told Jesus that he should call fire down from heaven to consume those that had rejected Him in Samaria. Jesus’ reply was, ” I came to save life, not to take it” People can sometimes get just as heard hearted and heard headed as these disciples were. Jesus even told them that their hearts were hard because they did not consider the miracle of the loaves and the fish, when they were so surprised at Jesus calming the storm.

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