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In the same way knowledge of God’s Word through Bible Quiz also increased my awareness of other sin in my life. It became more complicated for me to ignore personal ungratefulness when I memorized “Rejoice evermore, Pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” The same is true with pride, selfishness, and lack of love. Constant involvement with God’s Word produced constant friction between my sin and God’s will.

The Lord has greatly used Bible Quiz in my life to challenge me spiritually and conform me more into His image through His Word. Bible Quiz is important and beneficial because it is inextricably linked to the Word of God. Because of how God has used Bible Quiz in my life I strive to encourage my brothers and other quizzers to stay involved in Bible Quiz and Scripture memorization, and I hope to quiz again in summer tournaments.

Besides the spiritual growth and Biblical knowledge that accompanied my experience with Bible Quiz came various other benefits that I enjoy to this day. Mentally, Bible Quiz increased my personal discipline and sharpened my mental faculties. Memorization in Bible Quiz aided my memory in other subjects and my ability to study long hours. Thus, Bible Quiz can produce significant educational benefits which I currently profit from in college. Bible Quiz can even have benefits for working a secular job. I worked as a waiter the first half of this year and know that my experience in Bible Quiz aided me in remembering the wishes of the guests I served. Memorization of God’s Word has also greatly aided me in sharing the gospel. Furthermore, Bible Quiz continues to benefit me in Scriptural knowledge and the ability to meditate on God’s Word. Though I can no longer quote even a quarter of what I once could, some verses remain and the familiarity with God’s Word remains. Ultimately, even if all these benefits do not attend your experience with Bible Quiz the interaction with God’s Word should be enough of an incentive to diligently labor to memorize the Scriptures.

So, to any quizzers out there who are reading this instead of working on your verses—go quote some chapters! Keep up the good work in Bible Quiz, and as you memorize and compete remember that what you are memorizing and quoting is the very Word of God through which the One, True, and Living God of the universe has revealed Himself.

The Scripture you memorize now will not only aid you in your present circumstances but will follow you throughout your life and equip you with an increased ability to let the Word of God dwell in you richly in all wisdom. Besides that, you never know what other benefits could come from memorizing Scripture.

David Tyrrell
Calvary FL
Class of 2010
The Bible Quiz through the Eyes Series

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  1. I like this article; it’s a masterpiece! Glad I found this! David, do you ever do anything else on this website. You seem better than most contributors.

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