Podcast Season #3, Episode 18

On the heels of our series on memories of Bible Quiz and the Athens tournament, we decided to invite Jonathan Bishop on a podcast to share a more robust summary of his memory. As these two old souls get together to talk about Bible Quiz, the book of John, Tom Swinton, Memorization tips, and the benefits of Bible Quiz to name a few. A real can’t miss. Please email us at podcast@BibleQuizzer.net to let us know what you think. Oh yeah, click here to listen. The recap of Athens New Year’s Classic Tournament is forthcoming.

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  1. With Christians who are trying to develop a close relationship with the Lord, there are many things we have to go through. Many things happen in our lives that we cannot explain or have no answers for. There is a tendency to then say that it was God who allowed these things to happen to teach us something, or that it is God’s will to get this sickness, accident or disease because He is punishing us, or that it is God, who did this or that to cause such a one to suffer. People have even said that “God took my child, husband or wife”.

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