Podcast! Season 5, Episode 6

The Quizzing portion of CI has ended. Matt West and David Poston got together to do a review of that quizzing. They also continued the feature “Question for the Ages“ where they agreed to discuss it further in a later podcast. Email us at podcast@biblequizzer.net with any comments, questions, insertions, or deletions. Click here to download the entire podcast. WARNING, it is almost 70 minutes. If you want to just hear the portion, just click on it.

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    If you’re trying to find the logic in why we talked about what we did, you’ll probably be disappointed. Basically someone came in and pressed record on an over hour discussion between Matt West and David Poston.

  2. Hello, I am the coach from Faith Baptist, Canoga Park, CA. I was listening to the podcast “Division II and the uniqueness of CI. ” I have some insight regarding some of your questions about First Baptist and the other California schools not being AACS members. I would rather not air them on this message board, but you may contact me via email if you would like to know it. (address available from CI or the one attached to this message board)

    Also, I know both Bro. Carl (First Baptist) and I had to work EXTREMELY HARD just to get the funds to make the trip to Colorado. While we both wanted to attend Athens, it was not financially feasible. We do not have any information on SQANIT, except that it exists.

    Also, we both left team members home due to finances or lack of permission from parents for the students to travel. (I had to leave my best quizzer home because we did not have permission for him to travel nor any funds for him until it was too late [already had 7 on the team].)

    Both our teams are extremely grateful for the incredible experience we had at CI. We thank Mountain View for telling us about this competition, as we were not even aware there were other Bible Quiz competitions other than at fine arts competitions. Most teams we face at our local fine arts competition do not even begin serious study until January. Just finding teams to practice with during the rest of the year is a challenge.

    Faith Baptist praises God for the power we saw bestowed upon us through prayer, and even for His humbling when we became puffed up with pride on Friday. I am praying to bring at least 2 teams next year, and that CI will encourage more people acorss the country to memorize God’s Word.

    The Quizmasters and Scorekeepers were amazing! My kids were going on and on about how friendly they were and what a great time they had in each room. Thank you for an unbiased tournament with well-written questions and tough competition.


    Miss Allison Castner
    Faith Baptist Church & Schools
    Canoga Park, CA

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