Bobby Smith Tossup #1

CI and the logistics involved can be a unique challenge for many quizzers. For some, quizzing at CI yields a lengthy flight, a severe change in weather and altitude, and a massive dose of excitement to be at one of the greatest tournaments in quiz. Did you feel any of those factors hindered you at times? What would you suggest a quizzer do to acclimate to Denver and overcome the emotions of participating in such a tournament?
-David Poston


As far as the weather and altitude is concerned, I don’t think we ever had any problems, but battling the nerves at such a big tournament was always a struggle!
One thing that always helped me to relax was enjoying the opportunity to be with friends that were made through the years. Obviously once a quiz has started, it’s time to focus on the task at hand, but I would submit that other than when you’re actually quizzing or talking things over with your team, go talk to people and build friendships with your fellow quizzers and everyone involved in each competition! Don’t be so obsessed with winning that you miss out on these opportunities to grow closer to some solid, like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ. Along the way you’ll find that it’s easier to calm down and quiz better when your competitors are some of your closest friends! Next time you’re at a tournament, make an effort as a team and as a quizzer to be friendly…it may have more blessings than you realize!

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