Bobby Smith Tossup #2

Hey Bobby what would you do the morning of a tournament to get you ready for quizzing that day? Quote? or just relax or what?
-Nobody in Wisconsin


On the morning of a tournament, for the most part it’s too late to study, so I would just try my best to relax and treat it like any other day. Quoting a little bit right before a tournament isn’t a bad idea, but be careful because it’s easy to work your mind a little too much in the moments right before. I would find that when quoting the morning of a tournament I would second guess myself on every verse so badly (mainly from over-thinking) that it was better not to quote at all. On the way to a tournament, we would be quiet, spend some time in prayer, and give the day to God as a team. Then we would get there, see all of our friends, and get ready to quiz!

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