Bobby Smith Tossup #4

How do you think it impacts a quiz when a team that has already clinched the high win keeps jumping? Does it lessen the possible discrepancy of talent between the two remaining teams, and thus not give a true read on who is the number two team in that given round?
—Grace in New York


When a team that has clinched the high keeps jumping, it’s pretty much always in an attempt to keep another team out of the quiz, and it definitely hurts any distinguishing differences in ability between the two remaining teams.

I realize that there are arguments against what I’m about to say, but in my opinion, if you’ve won the quiz, you should stay out of the other teams’ fates and let them fight for themselves. 🙂

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  1. I definitely agree it changes the outcome, and I personally believe it is just good manners to sit back and let the other two fight it out. But think about the following: why would a team keep jumping? Are there reasons that it would acceptable to continue to jump? At what point should they stop? Complete win? Last 3 questions in a round? What if they have a different goal than just to win the round–like to have a score of 300 on the board or to have multiple quizzers quiz-out in a round? Is it acceptable then or unacceptable? Or maybe they want to face the team that is second and not the team that is currently losing–take away all their opportunities to score, and you have controlled who moves on in the tournament.

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