2014 End of Year Rankings

Final Poll of 2014. ¬†We’ve never before had such a dichotomy of voting at the top. Quite a year of Bible Quiz. Anyone up for a Memorial Day Weekend Quiz over Matthew?

Rank Team Name (1st Place votes) Points Position last time
1 Temple TN (3) 65 1
2 Woodside (2) 60 8
2 Athens (2) 60 2
4 Heritage Mission NY 49 4
5 Bethel Calvary 36 4
6 Hillsdale 35 2
7 Kettle Moraine 27 8
8 Calvary SC 24 6
9 Falls WI 22 7
10 Pleasant View KY 9 10


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  1. Wow. Definitely understand the debate concerning the top three. New York seems a definite 4th. Those programs are all well deserving of top 4 status. I guess the voters thought our (Kettle Moraine) AACS run was a fluke. In spite of a better record than Hillsdale and knocking them out of the tournament we still finished behind them and a Bethel-Calvary team that as another commenter posted didn’t compete in SCQANIT or AACS. A little PQA/Southern bias perhaps?:)

  2. To me, NY was a better team than CO, at least in three team quizzing. NY did seem to struggle with ending strong. They took second at Athens and AACS.

    1. You can think NY was better than CO. The eye test may give you that conclusion, but CO finished with a better place than them at both SCQANIT and AACS.

  3. It is fun to look at the rankings. Thanks! As I look at the rankings, I realize just how close the teams are! It’s neat to see how close the competition has become. I’m sure there are instances throughout the year where we could all say, “we beat them… but in this other quiz, they beat us.” (For instance, I’m thinking of the first quiz at SCQANIT when we trounced NY, but they came back and trounced us later… Or having KY get the high win twice against us at AACS, but lose on the last question when it was down to six teams… Or putting Athens out at the KIQ quiz and beating them early at their tournament, but losing several other times to them… We have all beaten each other and been beaten.) I am also thinking of some teams that aren’t in the top 10, but could easily be there… Northside, Fellowship, and even the IL team at AACS. (Who else do you think could be in there?) Thanks everybody for the exciting 2013/2014 season. Looking forward to Matthew!

  4. Jono is certainly correct. There was great parity in quiz this year. I assume that trend will continue. One thing is certain from my point of view: the bottom of the “top 10” is much stronger now than it has been in the past. If PVKY truly is the 10th best team in the nation, Bible Quiz has progressed quite well since I started 15 years ago. I’ve watched PVKY steam roll some good teams this year. I’ve seen Fellowship (SC) give good teams all they could handle at times this year. If Calvary (SC) and Falls (WI) could travel to more tournaments, they’d either be higher in this poll or at least make the voting more difficult. Everyone knows Kettle was limping along until Samuel could get invest more time in the text. Once he arrived, they started clicking. As you may know, I think Athens is the best team in the nation yet I would not look forward to facing any 2 of these teams ranked in the bottom of the top 10. Then you have teams like Bethel. Any reasonable coach would tell you they want to steer clear of Bethel (and they didn’t even quiz in April.) The top 12-14 teams are really good in Bible Quiz right now. If I’m honest, my concern is seeing it grow to having 20-25 solid teams. We’re far from that now.

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