Click Here for final Results.
Athens is the Champion!

Here is a Review of SCQANIT 2015.

Here are the initial pairings.
Here are most of the first round results.
Here are THE SECOND round results.
Here are THE third round results.
Here are most of the fourth round results.
Here are most of the fifth round results.
Here are all the quizzes before lunch.

Here are the pairings after lunch.
Here are the Elite Eight.
Here are the Spectacular Six.
Here are the Final Five.
Here are the Final Four.
Here are the Three who will compete with no question cap.

The team list is

Athens GA
Bible Methodist AL
Calvary SC
Falls 1 WI
Falls 2 WI
Falls 3 WI
Gospel Light NC
Great Hope 1 VA
Great Hope 2 VA
Great Hope 3 VA
Great Hope 4 VA
Heritage Mission NY
Hillsdale FL
Hope IN
Kettle Moraine WI
Las Cruces NM
Pleasant View KY
Tabernacle 1
Tabernacle 2
Temple 2 TN
Templle 1 TN
Woodside CO

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