Podcast! Season 7, Episode 6

Matt talks about starting a new team and some leagues that are about to begin. Listen Now and email us at podcast@biblequizzer.net to let us know your thoughts. WARNING, the whole thing is over 40 minutes. Also, let us know what you think of the new distribution system.

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  1. Your point about the importance of actually understanding the verses and not just being “in it to win it,” per se, is dead on. This is something I wanted to see more of a focus on, talked about more, etc. while I was quizzing. Sometimes on the fourth hour of question practice, I wanted to yell in frustration that “does it really matter?!” So I just wanted to thank you for mentioning this. I think it would be great if quizzers/quiz teams/churches found a way to use the verses everyone has learned for more than just the competitions. Because otherwise it can be so disheartening to end the quiz season having “lost” every tournament or just not answered many questions personally, etc. after all the work you did. That’s just something I’d love to see. What would it look like? I’m not sure exactly. Quizzers giving/writing some devotionals from their section, helping AWANA kids memorize, stuff like that.

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      Thanks for the encouragement. I have long been against the practice being entirely strategy-driven. As I am coaching weekly these days, I spend at least half the time talking about the excitement that we are afforded because of the rich vitality of the verses we are learning (Right now, we’re sifting through Hebrews 11-13). As my dad coached me, strategies were important, but we didn’t really ever discuss them until we had the material memorized. My sister described this far more eloquently than I ever could. I know Mr. Bamford used to spend the first month of the season talking about the text. I think the dedication of time to doing it is important. As for what it looks like, that will vary with the look of each ministry, but I absolutely believe that telling these kids why the Scriptures are important is vital. Otherwise, we could memorize Shakespeare!

      Matt West

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