ANYC 2017

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Round Robin Schedule
Round Robin Results

Starting Elimination Rounds
After Elimination Round 1
After Elimination Round 2
After Elimination Round 3
All Quizzes Before Lunch

JV Tournament

JV Top Quizzers
JV/Consolation Semifinals after 2 Quizzes
JV/Consolation Semifinals after 3 Quizzes
Temple JV beat Rhea County, 290-100

The Main Tournament

Top Quizzers
After Quiz 9
After Quiz 10
After Quiz 11
After Quiz 12
Championship Final
Kettle Moraine 220
Athens 160

Quiz 15 is over after 12 questions
Kettle Moraine 310
Athens 100

Quiz 14 Final
Athens 150
Kettle Moraine 110
Temple 80

Quiz 13 Final
Temple 130
Athens 120
Kettle Moraine 110

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