AACS Predictions

AACS Bible Quizzing is like no other. In my quest for a champion, I narrowed down the competition to ten top teams. I believe depth on the quiz pads will pay a great role in every team’s success over the course of this tournament. Here is a summary of what I expect from each team starting with tenth and ending with first.
10. Virginia – Heritage Christian School has not been to AACS in several years. However, their state did place in the top ten last year.
9. Tennessee – Cedar View Christian School has not made it to AACS in about 8 years. However, their team does get their material down well, and they have a strong leader. Don’t be surprised if they pull off a couple upsets.
8. North Carolina – Tabernacle Christian School has placed top ten in each of their last two years in AACS. In fact, last year they made it all the way to fifth place.
7. New York – Heritage Mission has one of the best quizzers in AACS. However, they finished in a disappointing eighth place last year and again, lack depth this year.
6. Colorado – Woodside has taken top ten three years in a row. In fact, in 2014 they won AACS. However, they do not appear to have as much depth this year although I do expect them to go pretty far.
5. Pennsylvania – Old Paths has gotten much better this year. They may have only two quizzers, but I expect them to quiz smart and go far.
4. Florida – This Florida Homeschool Group has two great quizzers who have all the material. Although, they may not have quizzed a lot together, the quizzers on this team have experience and skill that should take them far in AACS if they quiz smart.
3. Kentucky – This veteran PVKY team has solid depth. They have also made it to the Thursday finals in AACS two times out of the last four years.
2. Kettle Moraine – Kettle Moraine is the team of the year so far. They have gotten better at two-team quizzing and have made it to the championship in every major this year. Expect them to be rolling into Thursday after a thriller of a win in SCQANIT
1. California – First Baptist Long Beach has proven to be an amazing team this year. They have made it to the championship in the last two majors and split victories with Kettle Moraine. A championship with Kettle could fall either way; however, I expect California to bounce back from a tough loss in SCQANIT.

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