Southeast Bible Quiz Association October Quiz Meet Results

The Southeast Bible Quiz Association held the third quiz meet of the 2017-2018 Bible quiz season. The event took place at the Temple Baptist Academy campus in Powell, TN. It turned out to be a very exciting event. The field of teams included a team from Grace Christian Academy, a team from Lakeview Baptist in Rhea County TN and two teams from Temple Baptist Church.

This month, there were several close quizzes. In the first round, Lakeview Baptist (Joshua Jouben, Jadon Jouben, Jonathan Jouben and JuliAnn Jouben) faced Temple Optimism (Sydney Huxley, Sam Huxley, Carson Balka, Luke Thompson, Gavin Brown and Gabriel Brown). This was a back and forth quiz match with Temple Optimism getting a strong 180 to 120 lead on question 16. However, Lakeview Baptist came roaring from behind at that point and won the quiz match 200 to 140. In the second round, Temple Diligence (Lydia Huxley, Kierstin Balka, David Thompson, Shelby Huxley and Derald Brown) faced Temple Optimism. Temple Optimism raced out to a 180 to 100 lead on question 14, but then the quiz match really tightened up. The score was tied 190 to 190 going into the final question. Luke Thompson from Temple Optimism won the initial jump on the final question which was the first jump he won the whole quiz match. He really struggled with answering the question and gave a correct answer just before time expired to win the quiz match for Temple Optimism. In the final round, Lakeview Baptist who was undefeated for the day faced Temple Diligence who was bouncing back from their nail-biter quiz match with Temple Optimism. Lakeview Baptist jumped out to an early 150 to 60 lead as JuliAnn Jouben got six of the first eight questions correct. At that point, Temple Diligence took off with Kierstin, David and Lydia all answering questions correctly. By question seventeen, the score was tied at 170 points each. David Thompson then answered question eighteen correctly and Lydia Huxley answered question nineteen correctly to seal the win for Temple Diligence. For the first second month in a row, three teams finished the day with three wins and one loss. As a result, the points scored was used as a tie breaker. When this was done, Temple Optimism finished in third place with 550 points. Temple Diligence finished in second place with 620 points and Lakeview Baptist finished in first place with 690 points. Therefore, Lakeview Baptist took home the Team of the Month Trophy.

There were six different quizzers that quizzed out forward with six correct answers in a single quiz match and won a Quiz Out Achievement Ribbon. They are as follows:

• JuliAnn Jouben – Lakeview Baptist
• Jonathan Jouben – Lakeview Baptist
• Sydney Huxley – Temple Optimism
• Carson Balka – Temple Optimism
• David Thompson – Temple Diligence
• Kierstin Balka – Temple Diligence

The Quizzer of the Month award was more decisive this month than it was last month although there was a tie for second place. After the tie breaker was applied, Carson Balka edged out JuliAnn Jouben for second place because he quizzed out in all three quiz matches. Kierstin Balka from Temple Diligence was awarded the Quizzer of the month medal with eighteen correct answers and only three errors.

I would like to also mention that this month Grace Christian Academy showed a ton of character. They are a new team this year with one quizzing ace on their team, Scott Firebaugh. This month Scott could not make it to the quiz meet and first year quizzers Adam Chamberlain and Alissa Rhyne had the daunting task of going it without their team leader. It took a lot of courage and foresight to take on that challenge and they both were active and came up with correct answers. In fact, Adam finished in seventh place overall which is pretty good considering the quality of the quizzers at this quiz meet.

I am attaching the team results and individual results for your review. It is very encouraging to see the time that these quizzers and their parents have invested in God’s Word, and it is exciting to think about the way God will use it in their lives in the years to come.

In Christ and In His Word,

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