Podcast! Season 11, Episode 15

Matt and Cullen review CI, sort of. Please email us at podcast@biblequizzer.net with your thoughts. Listen Now. WARNING, the whole podcast is over 50 minutes.

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  1. Old Paths proved to be the best team at the tournament. Falls might be a great ministry, but did their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishes prove they are the third best team? In multiple quizzes one of the things that kept their teams in the tournament was a couple of messed up challenge rulings ( saying me instead of you on one occasion, and challenging a question for a wrong pronoun when they had clearly jumped to fast and finished the question the wrong way), and some work between their teams to keep their teams in the tournament. If your team is truly one of the best teams in a tournament, why should you need another team from your ministry to keep you on life support. Falls is a very good team having the 2nd best quizzer in the country in Stephen Van Gelderen. I understand Falls is still a very young program, but using your other teams to keep their team that is struggling still in, takes away from teams like New Testament , Ridgeview, and Mukwonago.

    1. I don’t like it when a team messes with the outcome of a quiz. Sit when you have it won or continue jumping, but don’t change based on who is able to jump that question. Let the other teams determine their own fate. That being said, I can sympathize with a ministry trying to help their own when they can. I know Falls did try to help their other team stay in quizzes. However, each of Falls teams received a low while quizzing another of their own teams. Mukwonago was the only team that got a low in the elimination rounds while quizzing two Falls teams. You could say that it took away from Mukwonago-though there is nothing in the rules that say teams can’t work against another team. That statement, however, does not apply for New Testament or Ridgeview. Only one of their respective losses came while quizzing a Falls team. I think Falls proved at CI that they deserve to be ranked in the top three teams.

  2. I don’t get how New Testament is ranked 7th by the masterminds behind the podcasts, but in both major tournaments they have gone to they have placed in the top five. How can a team like Easley, which won fourth place at Athens, be ranked ahead of a team that beat them by two placements at a major tournament. To me it sounds like New Testament is being punished for going to the toughest major tournament of the year, while Easley is being rewarded for missing out on it. New Testament deserves to at least be ranked in the top five based on their performance at the two tournaments thus far. New Testament was the last undefeated team; they were the only team to give a low to two different Falls teams, as well as hand out a low to the Number One team in Old PathsI understand that certain people believe that if a quizzer from another ministry joins up with another team that team should be disqualified from a high ranking, however, being a former quizzer myself I believe that is a completely irrelevant point. If you were a quizzer, would you want to miss out on two years of your quizzing career because you had no one else from your program (in this case family) to quiz with you. To sum up my argument, New Testament deserves to be ranked in the top five.

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