Podcast! Season 11, Episode 18

Matt talks about the Inaugural BibleQuizzer.net Virtual Tournament of Champions. Please email us at podcast@biblequizzer.net with your thoughts. Listen Now. WARNING, the whole podcast is almost 7 minutes.

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  1. Great Idea. One question: will quizzers who are quizzing be able to talk to quizzers on other teams. Could their be a room for quizzers to catch up with each other in between quizzes?? Looking forward to this tournament. Sounds cool and hopefully it is. Does it cost anything? If not that is great, because most of us probably already spent our money on toilet paper.

    p.s If you didn’t catch it, that was intended to be a joke.

  2. Post

    There will be a chance to see other quizzers and talk back and forth after the Quiz. It obviously isn’t being there in person. There is no direct cost with entering the tournament, though we are told that the dial in may end costing as much as $3.60 for the entire day.


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