Podcast! Season 12, Episode 4

Cullen Baggett put together a top 10 quizzers of the last quiz cycle list. Matt West helps him comment on those who didn’t quite make the list. The names come in fast and furious, so buckle up and listen to the Honorable Mention of the Top 10 from the last 9 years of Bible Quiz. Please email us at podcast@biblequizzer.net with your thoughts. Listen Now. WARNING, the whole podcast is over 35 minutes.

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  1. What about Tony Carlson as an honorable mention? If Erica Olson made the list, then I think Tony should make it. He was the top quizzer on Mukwonago for the first two years (John and Acts)of the aforementioned cycle.

    1. Non-xquizzer 17,

      First, thank you for listening and for your comment. For a name to be mentioned at all, at least one voter had to mention an individual quizzer in his or her ballot which was only the top 10. All the quizzers mentioned in this podcast had at least one vote on a ballot but not enough to be in the consensus top 10.

      With that being said I agree with your logic that he should have been mentioned over Annie Hames for instance since he was on the same team and if you are correct their top quizzer. While I know he was great in 2011-2012 over the book of John and won AACS that year, the records I see indicate that Mukwonago did not attend New Year’s Classic, (CI 2013 website not showing one way or the other) SCQANIT, or AACS in the 2012-2013 season over Acts. This would make it hard to make a case for Tony in that season.

      While I do not disagree that he should be mentioned in a top 30, please understand that most voters who have only 1-10 to vote have a hard time putting someone with only one year in the cycle in their top 10. As you pointed out, Erica is in the list (she and Annie were the only two mentioned who only had one year in the cycle) which means at least one voter did put her above Tony. That’s a tough call but it’s what the consensus decided.

  2. Hey Cullen. Mukwonago did only make it to CI in 2013, because of no longer being apart of AACS. My mind was just drifting back to a podcast (no longer available but downloaded on one of my dad’s computers) back from the end of the 2011-2012 season in which Tony was named as one of the top three quizzers of that year, with Bobby Smith and Erica Olson.

    1. Post

      All podcasts are available still (or we believe they should be). If they are from before the mixcloud era, you can navigate to them here. Of course, cross referencing that with the descriptions we gave here on BibleQuizzer.net is another matter.:)

    2. Mukwonago did go to SCQANIT in 2013, Annie’s senior year, where she was the 2nd individual quizzer behind Bobby Smith. Mukwonago also attended CI in 2013 and placed somewhere in the middle, Annie being the only quizzer who put in any effort. I believe she finished top 10 quizzer, as she did every year in CI from 2007 to 2013 (except for 2012, when she finished 12th). I believe CI 2012 was the only tournament when she didn’t finish top 10 in her high school years. To me that is the definition of a top 10 quizzer. It would be hard to make the case that Tony was a better quizzer than Annie, though he was a solid quizzer. Not including Annie in the top 10 seems like a snub to me since she was nearly always a top 5 quizzer throughout her career.

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