Podcast! Season 12, Episode 18

We do what we do hoping to add excitement and intrigue to the forthcoming Bible Quiz events. We hope that the consistency in that helps students be more excited about the ministry of Bible Quiz. Sometimes the value of staying with what we do is increased by a diversion. Today, we take such a diversion. Nada Rogers was coach of the #1 team in the country during the first podcast.

Since the turn of the century, no new coach to our style of quizzing has started a program with the multitude of success as Nada Rogers.  BibleQuizzer.net honors her life and legacy, bemoaning her loss, and celebrating the fact she is now with the Savior she loved and served so well. She grew the world of Bible Quiz.

Please email us at podcast@biblequizzer.net with stories, anecdotes, or testimonies about Nada Rogers. We think all our lives were enriched by knowing her, and you can hear that if you Listen Now. WARNING, the whole podcast is almost an hour.

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