5 Difference Makers

By Ron Zyhaus

After a long delay since writing my last article counting down this year’s five most fearsome quizzers, I am back to talk about the five quizzers that will be pivotal in deciding their team’s destiny this year. So without further adieu

5. Annabelle Carbonell:
Annabelle Carbonell is the older half of the best current sibling combo. However she has remained in the shadow of her younger sister’s outstanding performances for the past couple of years. This year, FBCCF has all the top notch talent and experience to be quite the powerful team, but a lot comes down to what they can get out of Annabelle. Being the third best quizzer on a team is a rough spot especially when you’ve put in all the work that Annabelle has and will. But if FBCCF is to have the spectacular season they hope for, Annabelle will have to come up huge this season.

4. Anthony Licata:
Anthony Licata returns for his senior season as the leader of a good Athens team. Licata needs to be the heart and soul of this team if they have any shot at placing high in any of our major tournaments. He has a reputation for being an inconsistent quizzer. That needs to change. This year he can’t have many 1 right 5 wrong quizzes or Athens will be quizzing in the consolation bracket again at SCQANIT.

3. Felicia Burdette:
By losing long-time captain Adam Simpson to graduation this past year, Capitol City will be counting even more heavily upon Felicia Burdette this year. Capitol City has the chance to be either really good or really bad this year. With a strong performance by Burdette, Capitol City can keep its place as one of the best teams in the country, but without it, I don’t think they will have the firepower to even finish in the top 10.

2. Grace Keenan:
Grace Keenan’s situation is very similar to that of Annabelle Carbonell. She would be the star of pretty much any other team, but instead she is the third best quizzer on Old Paths. If she can be content with fewer questions per game and still be as strong on her material, I don’t think that we’ll see too many more 2nd places out of Old Paths.

1. Breanna Richardson:
Breanna Richardson will make or break FBCCF’s season. I don’t want to give away too much of my 5 Best Teams article yet to come out, but mark my words, I expect Breanna to be great—and I’m talking about Abigail Carbonell/Tim Keenan level, and that could go a long way to pushing FBBCF to the top of the Bible Quiz heap.

And there you go, five quizzers who will decide this year’s national championship.

Next time: 5 Stars in the Making

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