October PQA, Part II

In my last article I gave you the PQA Quizzer of the Month and the 4 undefeated teams. Now here are the top quizzer’s.

Top 15 PQA Quizzer’s for Sept.

1. Rebekah Rigsby – Calvary Challengers (18-0)
2. Bryce Tyson – Pleasant View Shining Lights (20-5)
3. Janiece Binns – Calvary Chosen (18-2)
3. Beka Accampo -Heritage (17-0)
5. Evan Bryson – Faith 7 (19-6)
5. Jeff Thompson – Faith 6 (18-4)
7. Jonathan Bishop – Faith 4 (18-5)
7. Becky Black – Faith 5 (18-5)
7. Shawn Swain – Faith 5 (17-3)
10. *Kyler Dennis – Athens 1 (17-4)
10. Shannon Hensley – Temple Swords (17-4)
10. Aubrey Elliott – Hampton Park Saints (15-0)
13. Esther Tobias – Pleasant View Defenders (17-5)
13. Greg Turner – Faith 4 (15-1)
15. Alaina George – Temple Shields (17-6)
15. Ashley Hill – Temple Swords (17-6)

*Quizzer of the Month

A Day in Review for Faith 3 and Inside the Huddle of the Pleasant View Defenders

Coming into the day Faith 3 and The Defenders were both sitting at 4-0, and tied for first place in the league. This was shaping up to be a really big day for both teams. Faith 3 as well as Pleasant View both had two really difficult quizzes on the schedule, including the all-intimidating head to head match up between the two of them. It was decided by the league that all these quizzes would take place at the end of the day, which in turn added to the drama. Pleasant View vs. #8 Faith 5 would be the first, followed by Faith 3 vs. #11 Calvary Challengers, and then would come the big Finale!

#1 Pleasant View Defenders vs. #8 Faith 5
As we entered the auditorium and prepared to quiz, everyone in the huddle seemed to be just a little edgy and nervous. We knew that Faith 5, had a pretty good team and that we couldn’t overlook them. I spoke with the quizzers and gave them my usual pep-talk that normally works (I can’t disclose this information it works too well. So as a Coach it is Confidential! :-). We prayed and the quiz was ready to start. The Quiz started with a bang for us, with our top quizzer Esther Tobias getting the first two questions correct. We rolled taking 9 of the first 10 questions. Esther quizzed out at question 9 without errors and David Viers finished the quiz one short of quizzing out. Everyone on the team answered at least one correctly and the team cruised to an easy 280-120 win. At then end of the quiz we all just took a deep breath knowing that Faith 3 was next. And knowing this the nerves began to kick up again. That’s the life of a quizzer and coach. Nervous, Joy or Sorrow, and nervous again!

#1 Faith 3 vs. #11 Calvary Challengers
Faith 3 entered this quiz with the obvious desire to dominate this quiz and to use it as a springboard for the upcoming show down. They started out jumping like lightning on a warm summer evening. By question #8 Faith had “jumped” out to a commanding 120-40 lead. But then the wheels came off! Faith began to error repeatedly. It seemed that when they would slow down Calvary, lead by Katie Geer would speed up, and when Faith would speed up they would error. It was very difficult to watch! Jared Bryson, and Lisa Turner who are arguably two of the finest young quizzers in the league, both struggled mightily in the second half of the quiz. Lisa as well as Jared both ended up quizzing out backwards. I felt so sorry for them! It was clear that they knew the material, but the questions were so worded as to create just that bit of confusion, or 50/50. In the end Faith had made 10 errors as a team, and lost the quiz 230-130.

Inside the Huddle Pleasant View Defenders Vs. Faith 3

As we walked up on the stage I was now Very Nervous! With Faith having just lost I knew that they would be much more relaxed and would likely quiz like they had nothing to loose. Esther Tobias as well as Brittany Lemmons both reiterated this thought to the team. I spoke with them trying not to sound nervous and we prayed and prepared to quiz. We came out strong and took and an early lead, but Faith managed to hang close. At question #11 Faith took the lead 120-100. Pleasant View bounced back with two straight corrects from Esther Tobais, to retake the lead 140-90. (Faith lost 10 pts on its 4th error of the quiz.) From that point on the quiz was controlled by Pleasant View. Esther Tobias quizzed out on question # 19 without errors and Natalie Raynes took the final question. As Pleasant View took the win 220-160.

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