November PQA

In my last article I gave you the PQA Quizzer’s of the Month and the 2 undefeated teams. Now here are the top quizzer’s.
Top 15 PQA Quizzer’s for Nov: (total right – total wrong)
1. Bryce Tyson – Pleasant View Shining Lights (30-9)
2. *Esther Tobias – Pleasant View Defenders (27-5)
2. Janiece Binns – Calvary Chosen (26-3)
4. *Ashley Hill – Temple Swords (27-6)
4. Kyler Dennis – Athens 1 (27-6)
4. Beka Accampo -Heritage (24 -0)
7. Jeff Thompson – Faith 6 (27-7)
7. Shannon Hensley – Temple Swords (26-5)
9. Aubrey Elliott – Hampton Park Saints (23-0)
10. Shawn Swain – Faith 5 (24-5)
11. Evan Bryson – Faith 7 (25-8)
11. Alaina George – Temple Shields (24-6)
11. *Katie Geer – Calvary Challengers (24-6)
14. David Johnson – Calvary Kingsmen (23-5)
14. Sarah Young – Temple Swords (23-5)
14. Becky Black – Faith 5 (24-7)
*Quizzer of the month

Notable mentions:
17. Jonathan Bishop – Faith 4 (25-10)
20. Anthony Licata – Athens 1 (22-8)


With six quizzes in the bag and four to go the Pleasant View Defenders and Temple Swords were starting to think about the realistic possibility of an undefeated season. Temple would be going against the 17th place Calvary Kingsmen and Pleasant View against the 14th place Calvary Challengers. Both with a record of 3-3. So how would they fair on this day? Would the Challengers be able to pull of another upset of a top ranked team? In the previous month Faith 3 had taken its first loss of the season to the Challengers. 7-0? Read on for details.

#1 Temple Swords vs. #17 Calvary Kingsmen:
This was the very first quiz of the day, in the auditorium. The quiz started with an error by Temple’s Ashley Hill, that was capitalized on by Calvary. Sarah Young took question two to tie up the quiz. Then David Johnson of Calvary took the third question and proceeded to lead his team to a very balanced attack against the undefeated Temple Swords. The quiz was extremely close throughout. Temple took the lead 120-100 on question #11, but then Calvary took control taking the next 5 questions. The last of this run was capped off by David Johnson quizzing out without errors. He left the quiz with his team leading 210-110. Temple lead by Ashley Hill managed to battle back to make it close but fell just short, 190-160. It was a very entertaining quiz to watch with both teams battling hard, but for Temple a very tough loss. Congratulations to David Johnson and the Calvary Kingsmen!

#1 Pleasant View Defenders vs. #14 Calvary Challengers:
Have you ever had one of those days when it seems nothing turns out right? For our team (PV) that seemed to be the way our day was doomed to be. Our quiz was to be the last quiz of the day, depending on when Fellowship would arrive for quiz. Fellowship was on a church outing and running late to quiz so it was unclear when we would quiz whether last or next to last. The time came for us to quiz and it was determined that we would go ahead and quiz while Fellowship was preparing for its quiz. We took the stage and Esther Tobias who was quizzer of the month, second in the league, and my top quizzer, looked at me and said, “Jeremiah, I don’t feel well.” I looked at her and she was as white as a sheet and her eyes were watering. To make a long story short she had a stomach virus!!! The quiz was delayed while she went to the restroom and we were all in a turmoil hoping she would be able to quiz. She finally was some better and came back but then we thought Fellowship was ready, and back and forth it went. We ended up quizzing before Fellowship. Esther still wasn’t herself and the team was distracted by her sudden illness. And we quizzed like we were still in Acts and the questions were from 1st and 2nd Corinthians. We errored 9 times in route to a humiliating 300-60 loss! Esther who in practice hours before had been quizzing out in 5-7 questions verses Bryce Tyson, the leagues top quizzer, finished the quiz with 2 corrects and three errors. It was very horrendous way to loose. But even still some credit must be given to the Challengers. They were calm and quizzed well, and took advantage of every error. Katie Geer quizzed well as did Rebekah Rigsby both quizzed out without errors. Maybe, just maybe, they are the giant killers of the PQA? It would seem so anyway! J Congratulations to Katie, Rebekah and the Challengers on the victory!

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