Final 2016-17 Rankings

Final Poll of 2017. Anyone Disagree?

Rank Team Name (1st Place votes) Points Position last time
1 Kettle Moraine WI (7) 79 1
2 FBCLB (1) 73 2
3 Temple TN 61 4
4 Athens GA 53 3
5 Pleasant View KY 48 7
6 Woodside CO 33 8
7 Heritage Mission NY 30 5
8 Faith FL 20 9
9 Old Paths 19 10
9 Falls WI 19 6
Also receiving votes: Central IN (2), Tabernacle NC (2), Bethel Calvary (1)

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  1. 1. It’s hard to see a team that won one major get a first place vote over a team that won three majors! Maybe a little West Coast bias factoring in? 🙂
    2. The bigger interest on my part is sticking up for our Wisconsin brethren at Falls. They placed 5th at CI ahead of Heritage, NY, Pleasant View, KY, Woodside, CO and Faith, FL. They finished tied for 5th with Athens at SCQANIT ahead of Woodside, Pleasant View, Faith, and Old Paths, PA. How do they end up ranked 10th? If Temple (3rd), and Athens (4th) who also aren’t in AACS can get ranked in the top 5, then I would suggest that Falls and Heritage would be a toss up for 5th and 6th. 10th seems a significant disservice. Having made the “argument” I want to add my thanks to all that contribute to this website, the podcasts, and the rankings. The opportunity to debate and disagree adds some extra excitement and interest to Bible quizzing.

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      Honestly, I was surprised by the one dissenting voter. I have asked if he would come onto a podcast with me to discuss his logic in voting FBCLB #1.

      I think it is so difficult to rank Falls, because I think they are clearly the #3 non-AACS team, but just where that falls in line with AACS teams is difficult to pinpoint. Falls was as high as #5 on one ballot and as low as completely off on others. It’s also tough because several teams (Woodside comes to mind) use SCQANIT as nothing more than prep for AACS, so how much does their loss to Falls factor in when compared to their #4 finish at AACS? Tough to evaluate.

      The biggest error in my opinion is Faith FL was ranked too high. I believe that was a lot of unrecognized potential. I don’t know how much the lack of attendance at SCQANIT altered the view of this team.

      Now, if we voted the elementary teams, Falls would challenge Old Paths as #1.:) Sorry, Pastor Fuller, I’d have to rank you all #3.

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